Our Core Features

ReLAWx.com saves time and increases productivity. Legal teams love working with ReLAWx

Lead Management

Gather Case Facts & Convert Leads To Cases

Monitor Your Leads / Enquiries

Gather case facts in early stages and assign your resources to the case

Convert Enquiries To Cases

Transfer Notes, Documents, Tasks, Case facts gathered to Case

Streamline Your Leads

Increase your Customer Engagement and close your Leads effectively

Enquiry/Lead Management

Full scale enquiry management lets your Staff to manage & convert leads for your Firm.

Integrated Intake Forms

Build custom intake forms and streamline which cases you chose to work on.

Tasks And Notes

Manage leads with integrated Notes taking and tasks handling. Never miss on any details.

Firm Management

Legal Management System

Increased Attorneys, Paralegals efficiency

Real Time Monitoring Of All Staff Members Activities

Future Ready Operations

Assign & Track your staff Cases, Enquiries with ease.

Track Performances Of Staff

Get Insights Into Attorneys/Paralegals Performances.

Access Management

You are in complete control in managing access to the staff. Create as many users your firm requires.

Assignment Handling

Assign cases, enquiries, track logged hours and much much more. All staff members get access to custom portals.

Client/Contact Management

At ReLAWx.com client/contacts management is an integral part of the system. Get complete insights into a client.

Case Management

Now Handle More Cases and Increase Productivity

All Case Data In One Place

Case Related Notes, Documents, Tasks, Timers, Forms All In One Place

Track & Bill Time

Manage Multiple Timers, BIll Hourly Or Flat Rate. Never Miss A Billable Time

Forms Filling & Forms Automation

Add Pre-Configured Forms To Case Automatically. Allow Your Clients/Attorneys To Fill Them

Case Management

Monitor case progress and keep all related case information at one place. Increase your law firm productivity


Setup any fillable form in minutes and include it in your case workflow. Collaborative forms filling between staff and clients.

Tasks And Notes

Handle your enquiries and cases with integrated Notes taking, task assignment tracking.

Automation and WorkFlows

Custom workflows that will streamline your practice
Document Templates

Create and include any document into your Case Workflow. With powerful merge fields include any of the case/client/firm/billing information into your documents automatically.

Case Templates

Setup case forms, billing items, document templates, tasks into case templates. Once setup this automates your case creation process and automates your case workflow. Huge time saver!

Practice Areas

No matter what your practice areas are, create workflows, case templates, manage staff as per your specialization. Complete control your staff abilities and workflow automation as per their practice area.

Dedicated Client and Staff Member Portals

Run your Law Firm frm anywhere and from any device. Every staff member and clients get dedicated portal access.
Staff Member Portals

With dedicated portals for attorneys and paralegals and admin staff ReLAWx.com streamlines your law firm operations. Enable/Disable certain features as per staff member role type and keep complete control over your firm operations.

Client Portals

With dedicated client portals, provide your clients an modern interface to communicate with you and monitor progress of the cases. Gathering case documents, filling forms and communicate with clients using dedicated portal

Available 24/7, Access From Anywhere

Work from anywhere and ReLAWx.com is accessible from any device. No matter where your staff/clients are they are always a click away to feel at office.

Convinced With Above Features?
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ReLAWx.com's Cloud Based Law Firm Management Platform is One stop solution with all features needed by legal teams.