A Comprehensive Practice & Case Management Software For Law Firms

Lead Management, Case Management, Document Assembly, Billing And Collaborative Case Forms Filling

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Streamline Your Law Firm Practice With ReLAWx

Step Up Your Law Firm Automation, Work From Any Where. Complete Cloud Based Solution For Your Entire Firm

Comprehensive Lead Management

Gather Case Facts And Convert Leads To Cases

Firm Management Features

Manage Staff, Intake Forms, Notes, Tasks, Custom Templates and more

Powerful Case Management

Now Handle More Cases and Increase Productivity

Automation and WorkFlows

Custom workflows that will streamline your practice

Dedicated Client & Staff Portals

Attorneys, Paralegals, Clients All have dedicated portals

Forms Automation With FormsKit

Setup any fillable form in minutes and include it in your case workflow

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Common Questions

100%. We have carefully planned all the features to be as generic as possible. Our system is quite generic and at the same powerful when configured as per your Law Firm's workflow. We are sure Law Firms of all sizes can use our software without any doubt. If you still have questions regarding this we are happy to review your firm suitability to use our software. Just get in touch with us for a quick chat.
It depends on several factors such as how big is your law firm and how much of automation you want to bring into your work flow. Our experience shows that a typical law firm can completely get started in less than a week, although you can start using our system instantly without any training. Look into our onboarding guide for more details.
Our pricing model is pretty straightforward. We mainly charge per user per month. You will have to pay for each user who intend to use our system. We also have different subscriptions to suit different sizes of law firms. Look into our pricing model for further details.
At ReLAWx.com we take utmost care in making all our systems secure. We use SSL for encrypting all traffic at our servers. We use military grade servers from well trusted hosting providers to host the system and securely store all the data. All our servers are highly available and uptime is 99.9%. All data is backed up at multiple levels and loss of data is 0%.
ReLAWx is constantly improving its features and functionality. We rollout more useful features and updates as we learn firms behavior and requirement.

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ReLAWx.com's Cloud Based Law Firm Management Platform Is One Stop Solution With All Features Needed By Legal Teams.